NDP House Leader Bisson Disappointed in McGuinty’s “Double Down”


Ontario VotesQUEEN’S PARK – New Democrat House Leader Gilles Bisson is “Disappointed to see the same old faces in the new Liberal cabinet but vowed that New Democrats would continue to work for positive change for families in the upcoming Legislature”.

“ It’s disappointing that Dalton McGuinty has responded to the call for change by doubling down on the status quo,” said Bisson. “New Democrats are staying focused on the need for positive change. We are ready to roll-up our sleeves and make this Legislature work to create jobs, make life affordable and improve our healthcare system.”

Bisson says “McGuinty’s decision to reappoint ministers is a sign that the Liberal Leader didn’t get voter’s message about the need for change in Ontario. Bisson also expressed concern about the decreased participation of women in cabinet roles and the lack of a stand-alone Aboriginal Affairs Minister”.

“Ontario families are feeling the squeeze. The same old solutions have left us falling behind on jobs, scrambling to pay the bills and waiting longer for healthcare,” said Bisson. “We can create jobs, improve healthcare and help families feeling the economic squeeze but not if we stick with the same old solutions that haven’t been working.”

Nonetheless, Bisson says “The NDP will work with the new ministers to deal with the jobs, health and affordability”.