Ontario Cabinet to be Sworn in October 20th


Dalton McGuintyQUEEN’S PARK – Ontario’s new Cabinet will be sworn in on Thursday, October 20, Premier Dalton McGuinty said earlier today. “When the 2008 recession hit, we acted quickly and worked together with the federal and U.S. governments to protect workers and families in the auto sector. And today we’re keeping our eye on the ball and will keep focusing on creating jobs and building Ontario’s economy,” said Premier McGuinty. “The Cabinet and the new Ontario government will focus on jobs and the economy”.

The Premier has also asked Finance Minister Dwight Duncan to prepare an economic update, which will report on global economic uncertainty and its impact on Ontario’s economy. The economic update will include an examination of the possible impact caused by uncertainty in the European Union, and how Ontario can stay on track as a leading destination in North America for foreign direct investment and job creation.

The New Democrats held their first caucus meeting with their enlarged caucus today as well.

The Liberal Government will be a minority government with 53 seats. The NDP and Progressive Conservatives have said that they intend to hold the government accountable over the term.