UFO Sighting Over Thunder Bay – More Details


THUNDER BAY – It is a video generating some discussion. The video shot of an Unidentified Flying Object or UFO near Thunder Bay has brought attention from around the world.

Barrie who shot the video shares with NNL, “My girlfriend and I were out on a walk filming wildlife. There were hundreds of geese flying overhead and the conditions were slightly overcast with little to no wind. It began to get dark and we started walking back towards the trail we came in on. At approximately 8:30 we stopped at one of the big fields and were looking at a few stars in the sky. We were standing at the south end of the field when at 8:40 the object popped into view instantly, not flying in from anywhere but just appearing”.

“The object appeared in the Northwest. At first I thought it was probably a plane with its landing lights on but then the object moved steadily to the right and then within milli-seconds started moving back to the left and finally hovered I was not convinced. I thought to myself if a plane did this the lights would not be facing you the entire time and the intensity would change”.

Barrie adds, “The object appeared to be sphere like and change shape slightly to the naked eye, it was much brighter to the naked eye then it appeared on the video. We watched the object go from one light to all of a sudden changing to 4 lights that would change colour every so often. There was zero sound from the object during the entire sighting and it appeared to be approximately 1 kilometre away possibly closer at the end”.

“Another strange occurrence was that the geese that were flying over stopped instantly when the object appeared. Near the end of the video the object appeared to go back to a single bright light and began to move towards us. At this point I stopped filming and we began to make our way back to the trail to get out of there. When we were back to the opening of the trail I looked back quick and could see the object was moving to the east and going lower then before this is when I lost sight of it. I do not know what it was we were watching but I do know a few things that it couldn’t have been. It is open to anyone’s own interpretation and they can come up with their own theory about what it is. I do know that an accurate description is unidentified flying object because to us it was exactly that, unidentifiable”.

Here is the original video:

Here is a similar shape in the sky shot over Brazil and posted on Youtube:

Here is another Youtube Video shot in Missouri:

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