Liberals Promise to Clean up Nipigon Bay


NASA Satellite Image of smokeTHUNDER BAY – Children and Youth Services Minister and Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues Laurel Broten states, “Ontario Liberals have been one of the most environmentally progressive and successful governments in North America, We’re proud today to continue building on our strong record of environmental protection.”

The Liberals are promising to help clean up the waterways in Ontario, by targeting pollution hot spots identified by scientists including Nipigon Bay, and Peninsula Harbour on Lake Superior, Detroit River, Niagara River, and the Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario as the next priorities.

“Since 2003, Ontario Liberals have reduced coal-fired electricity by more than 90 per cent — the equivalent of taking 7 million cars off the road. We have reduced pesticides in our waterways by 80 per cent and permanently protected a combined area of greenspace the size of Great Britain. We are also North American leaders for drinking water standards, endangered species legislation and pollution laws,” added Broten.

“Protecting our environment is a responsibility we bear towards the next generation,” Broten continued. “We — and our children and grandchildren — need the strong, steady environmental stewardship that only Dalton McGuinty can provide as we protect our environment by moving forward, together.”