NDP – McGuinty Decision on Northern Debate Shows “Disregard”


Andrea HorwathTHUNDER BAY – The fallout from Dalton McGuinty’s decision not to attend the Northern Ontario Leader’s Debate continues. Today the NDP called on Dalton McGuinty while he was in Thunder Bay for a photo-op to stop disrespecting Northerners and agree to Andrea Horwath’s challenge to a Northern debate scheduled here on September 23. “Flying in and flying out shortly after and not taking questions from the public or the media shows McGuinty’s disregard for Northerners,” said Steve Mantis, NDP candidate for Thunder Bay-Superior North.

Andrea Horwath will be in Thunder Bay on Friday bolstering the NDP candidates and their supporters. The NDP charge “McGuinty lauded his own record in the North during his photo shoot in Thunder Bay but would not answer questions and failed to meet Andrea Horwath’s challenge to a Northern debate in Thunder Bay.

“Andrea Horwath challenged McGuinty to lay out his plan for Northern Ontario in a Northern debate. If he is confident of his record he should agree to Andrea’s challenge,” said Mary Kozorys, NDP candidate for Thunder Bay-Atikokan.

The NDP launched its Respect for the North website, featuring NDP leader Andrea Horwath’s Northern debate challenge to Dalton McGuinty and the NDP’s Respect for the North plan to tackle job losses and the high cost of living.