Pipes and Drums of Thunder Bay Turning 100 in 2012


Pipes and Drums of Thunder BayTHUNDER BAY – The Pipes & Drums of Thunder Bay will be turning 100 in 2012. This incredible feat has only been able to happen due to new members continuing to join the pipe band. To begin this year’s recruitment, the Pipe Band will host an open house on September 8th at 6:30pm in the Elk’s Lodge (201 Syndicate Ave N.).

The informational session is open to any individuals interested in learning to play bagpipes or drums with the band.

The Band offers free lessons to interested parties as an investment in return for new members to continue the tradition into the next 100 years.

After instruction, successful students will be provided with appropriate uniform and instrument to perform with the band at their upcoming events.

For more information, please contact Ryan Moore 476-8560 or by email at ryanmmoore@hotmail.com