9:00 AM on Sept 9th – Pow Wow for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Awareness


Dream CatcherTHUNDER BAY – The Fetal Alcohol Awareness Committee will host a Pow Wow at Marina Park at 9am on Friday, September 9th, to raise awareness, and celebrate women, for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Awareness Day.

This event takes place around the world at nine am on the ninth day of the ninth month to symbolize the nine months of pregnancy that a women should abstain from drinking.

“FASD awareness is beginning to show, in parliament, within health centers, with social networks and support groups, however there is much more to be done before we can say that society is ‘aware’ and ready to deal with this issue”, says Marilyn Leiterman of Think FASSP.

“To date, reports show that at least 1 in 100 children are still being born with FASD which amounts to 300,000 births per year in Canada alone. The numbers for partial FASD and ARND are still not known but estimated at 3-6 births per 100. This continues to be a huge problem in today’s modern society,” added Leiterman.

Fetal Alcohol Syndome continues to be the leading cause of developmental disabilities in Canada, and remains the number one preventable disability.

Awareness is the key. Please come out and show your support for FASD awareness.