“College can be a little daunting at first…”


Confederation CollegeTHUNDER BAY – Confederation College personnel, Student Union staff and volunteers, have organized 10 days of activity that will provide new students with the information and the contacts they need as they begin their academic year.

Themed “Thunderstruck”, this year’s orientation includes specific program meetings as well as fun events like the Orientation BBQ, Movie Night and a celebration of our heritage. “The first days of college can be overwhelming, particularly this year as the college is experiencing a labour dispute. We want to make certain our students feel comfortable in our environment,” said Naomi Abotossaway, President of the Student Union. (SUCCI)

Kathy Kimpton, Director Student Services, said “We are here to help our students with orientation right from day one. People wearing “Thunder Struck” orientation t-shirts will mingle among the new students, ready to answer questions.” We are here to answer questions, act as guides and provide advice to the students,” said Kimpton. “College can be a little daunting at first, but within a couple of days, everyone settles in.”

President, Jim Madder, is undergoing his first orientation as well having taken on his new role in early July of this year. “I look forward to being a part of welcoming our new and returning students to Confederation College.”

For a full schedule of activities visit www.confederationc.on.ca/orientation.