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Koostachin GroupTHUNDER BAY – Increasingly over the coming years, across Northwestern Ontario, there is a need for translation services. Translating from English to Cree, and from Cree to English is being needed for safety manuals for mining companies, for information for people across the north, and for legal, business documents, politics, social services information, and medical documents.

Additionally for pamphlets, leaflets and for video, there is growing need for Cree language voice-overs.

It is a service that Starchild Stella Koostachin offers. She shares, “I am an educator. I began translating since I was 14 years old while working in hospital, school and Public Health in Fort Albany First Nation reserve located on the James Bay coast”.

Koostachin provides a freelance translation service, working from her computer at home. She offers translation services from English to Cree, and from Cree to English.

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