NaomiTHUNDER BAY – Special to NNL – Well, so over the past few years, I have been an active volunteer in two communities, Nipigon and Thunder Bay. In particular, I have been involved with groups in the Canadian Cancer Society, Air Search n Rescue, Provincial/Federal Government, Chamber of Commerce and have even had the opportunity to assist the Fort City Kinsmen with a number of charity fundraising initiatives.

I’ve had an opportunity to meet and greet quite a number of awesome people along my travels, and appreciate the time spent in an effort to carry out these community projects – which is awesome.

So now, having said all that, although not all time spent is working on projects as these groups operate on a volunteer basis, naturally taking time out to “WORK” for pay is necessary, and with that I on the other hand have not been successful in landing paid employment.

Therefore I have been out and about continuing on with meeting and greeting more persons along my travels, as I continue to seek out new volunteer event ideas for Thunder Bay Superior North ……So, now, you combine the mentioned above and you have an Aboriginal Female wanting to help bring positive change to the community.

Highlight “wanting too.” The point being is when you find yourself in mainstream society – getting involved as an Aboriginal and as a Female is not always a breeze walking in the door.

The reality at the end of the day, is that there are a number of unresolved issues which continue to remain present – one particularly certain is the day-to-day treatment in which an Aboriginal person vs. a person outside of Aboriginal descent face and experience on a routine basis. One being “random eggings, as well as “altered treatment” in some businesses around the town.

Now, one has to question, is this a racism issue, or is this something more?

In any event, having been a direct victim of the incidents above, while having been involved in community initiatives in the process, while at the same time being a witness to the trials my Aboriginal neighbours if you will, also experiences, this article was written in an effort to raise an awareness, that we (aboriginals) will not stop at voicing our concerns of the type of treatment we receive in the community vs. the type of treatment a person outside of Aboriginal descent experiences.

And that we, Aboriginals will continue to state our intent of wanting to build bridges with all the people and will continue to be a voice in mainstream society as a “community member.”

Most of us are patient enough to wait this out, because the bottom line at the end of the day, is that “We, are people, expect to be treated like people, and are very aware, things take time”.

That said, I will continue to write, advocate, work, volunteer, participate in community discussion, etc. etc. etc. etc. And in closing are hoping that some of you readers may read this article in an effort to gain a better understanding of us as a “person” as opposed to a statistic and/or a target.

And preferably absorb and process some of the mentioned above information in an effort to gain a better understanding and most importantly, learn to get along.

In closing, trusting this message found you well leaving you just that much better!


Signed with Respect

Naomi L. Esquega

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