Conservatives Lead, NDP in Strong 2nd Place

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Canadian PoliticsTHUNDER BAY – At 10:15 it is looking like Greg Rickford, John Rafferty and Bruce Hyer will be returning to the House of Commons. The Conservatives will win the election, with the New Democrats in second place. The Liberals and the Bloc are the big losers tonight so far.

The big story is the Liberal vote totals which are showing the Liberals behind in a number of key ridings that the party wanted to hold.

AT 10:15 the Conservatives are elected or leading in 143 seats, the NDP are elected or leading in 94 seats, and the Liberals are elected or leading in 33 seats. The Bloc Quebecois have 4 seats where they are elected or leading.

The Bloc leader is losing his seat at present to the NDP.