Online Ads May Mark Shift in Campaign Strategies

Chippewa Park Sleeping Giant

Sleeping GiantTHUNDER BAY – Could it be the start of a shift in the federal election campaign? Both the Liberals and Conservatives have issued new online ads which offer ideas and vision for the future.

The Conservative ad:

The Liberal ad:

Next week, the Leader’s tour is expected to slow down as the party leaders prepare for the televised debates. These two ads from the Liberals and Conservatives could be guideposts to how the second half of the campaign may go.

Over the past several days, the Conservatives have caught flack from the media and from some members of the public over how tightly controlled access to the Prime Minister has been.
Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has contrasted this with mainstreeting, and taking the approach that there is “No question he won’t face”.

The shift toward rural issues, this week has included healthcare, and the gun registry.