Council’s Goal Should be Fighting and Winning for Residents!


THUNDER BAY – Northwestern Ontario has an abundant supply of affordable green energy. It is the hydro power that once powered the paper mills and saw mills in our region. To that end, the rush to produce yet more power in our region, especially so-called green power from wind seems to be more of a scheme than it is the generation of green energy.

The other day, an announcement of a government subsidy to help AbitibiBowater was made. The plan will produce enough power apparently to serve the needs of 38,000 homes in the region.

What is difficult to understand is that those homes are already being served by existing power generation sources. So, unless there is a massive move to build 38,000 new homes right now, taxpayers, and City of Thunder Bay officials should be asking one big question.

That question is “Why”?

Why are we rushing to allow the top of one of the most significant landscapes in our region be covered with wind turbines. Opponents of the project are suggesting that turbines as tall as 600 feet high are in the works.


It is not like we need the power? We have surplus generating capacity right now.

We should be wondering exactly why the Ontario Government is offering to pay massive amounts of money to produce this unneeded power.

The complaints of residents in the area who are reportedly planning to file a lawsuit are the concerns that Council should be addressing first. Residents who have been here, paying taxes, living in our region should be at the top of Council’s list of who to care most about.

It is entirely likely regardless of what decisions Council make tonight, or in the future they are in a win-lose situation.

Perhaps City Council should be looking at Shuniah. In Shuniah Township there is a wind farm going in.

Have you heard of any protests on that project?

Perhaps it is because the community and the company have worked like a team?

Ontario, and Thunder Bay should be asking themselves what exactly the purpose of permanently scarring a fragile ecosystem will mean for future generations.

If that means fighting in court, then so be it.

Chances are we are only now in the second round of what will likely be a twelve round fight.

The goal for Thunder Bay and for City Council must be winning and supporting our residents.

That of course is just this man’s opinion. As always, your mileage may vary.

James Murray

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