‘Don’t Bleed On Me’ – A Scary Look inside Pro Wrestling


OTTAWA – Experience the story firsthand, of how a promising, talented Canadian wrestler achieved his dream, only to have it immediately yanked away by failing WWE’s medical test. The documentary makers say, “See the disturbing evidence of a careless veteran, who with reckless abandon, abused his trusted position in the storytelling of a wrestling match in which he is supposed to take care of his opponent”.

Don’t Bleed On Me” is a candid glimpse into a cutthroat world of misplaced trust, dangerous dealings, and blind eyes turned towards shady dealings, at the highest level.

When Devon Nicholson is in his wrestling persona, Hannibal, he is honestly one of the scariest people one would hope they would never meet. He is an over-the-top very serious wrestler. He is one of the best heels in the Indy Business. Sitting down with Devon, to have dinner or talk, he is a quiet soft-spoken fellow who you get the feeling is simply very dedicated to his chosen profession, which is professional wrestling.

One also gets the feeling that his love for the sport runs deep into his soul and being. Right now, Nicholson is feeling like the world of wrestling is letting him down.

In a press statement presenting a new documentary, “Days away from hardcore wrestling legend Abdullah the Butcher being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the wrestling conglomerate’s “Wrestlemania” weekend, Nicholson is featured in a new documentary is exposing his connection to a Hepatitis C scandal”.

The documentary outlines how “In December 2005, a physical evaluation deemed Nicholson to be a healthy, muscular, experienced professional wrestler on the cusp of achieving his dream of signing a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. In 2009, Nicholson obtained that contract, only to have it rescinded on the grounds of him having the disease Hepatitis C”.

“In between those two periods of time, Nicholson was involved in a series of wrestling matches with a “legend” of the hardcore, blood-letting style, Abdullah the Butcher, whose  real name is Larry Shreve”.

Nicholson contends, “Upon further investigation into the cause of his Hepatitis C diagnosis and upon reviewing the footage of his matches with Abdullah the Butcher, that is when became aware of certain practices that Abdullah used in one of his matches against him”.

In the match, Nicholson claims “Shreve used a razor blade on himself repeatedly (the standard method for wrestlers to bleed during a match), but Shreve would also use the same blade on Nicholson, without his consent or prior knowledge, allowing both wrestlers to bleed excessively and have their blood co-mingle”.

Much like two junkies that share a needle, this practice is a dangerous one, due to the risk of spreading disease.

In a new short documentary, Nicholson shares video evidence of the alleged cutting.

As well “Don’t Bleed on Me” shares interviews with prominent figures in the professional wrestling world, including WWE legend Wayne Ferris, aka “The Honky Tonk Man” and former champion, and WWE Hall of Fame member “Superstar” Billy Graham.

Nicholson states, “His lawyer has been in contact with Shreve on numerous occasions.  When asked to submit a blood sample, Shreve initially stated that he would. However, he’s refused to actually provide one, and has not responded to further correspondence”.

“Despite the dangers of transmitting infections and diseases through the commingling of blood being known for a long time, it was only recently that the WWE stopped allowing and even encouraging the practice. World Wrestling Entertainment currently has a ‘no blood’ policy for its talent, mandating that under no circumstances are the wrestlers to bleed on purpose, using razor blades or any facsimile,” according to Nicholson.

“This policy is in contingency with the WWE’s current PG content”, contends Nicholson.

Nicholson says, “This is what baffles many insiders as to why a hardcore wrestling legend suspected to be carrying Hepatitis C, and infamous for blood-letting is being inducted into their Hall of Fame, and being promoted on their website”.

“Due to a lack of regulation in most states and provinces, pro wrestling continues to deal with unsafe conditions and practices, such as razor blade sharing, or in the case of Larry Shreve, downright abuse.

To discuss the culture of pro wrestling, the ideologies of blood use, and the mounting evidence that Shreve has Hepatitis C and passed it on to Devon Nicholson; also appearing in this documentary are former WWE stars Sylvan Grenier and Lanny Poffo; Canadian National Freestyle Wrestling Coach Victor Zilberman; and Canadian TV personality Bill Welychka.

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