Tracking Poll Shows 10 Point Lead for Conservatives


special reportTHUNDER BAY – The latest CTV/Globe/Nanos Poll reports the first wave of nightly tracking completed over the past three nights suggest that the Conservatives still maintain a comfortable 10 point lead over the Liberals. Ballot support remains at 38.4% for the Tories, 28.7% for the Grits, 19.6% for the NDP, 9.1% for the Bloc and 4.1% for the Greens.

The overall disposition of party support is very similar to the research conducted mid March indicating that the attacks and counter-attacks from the respective parties and leaders has generally been a wash in the first few days of the campaign.

Among the key battlegrounds, the Tories have about a 10 point lead in Ontario and British Columbia while the Bloc enjoys a 14 point advantage in Quebec.

As the party leaders start to articulate platform proposals in the beginning of the campaign factors such as policies increased from 48 to 54 percent in terms of influencing the vote.

At 4 pm today, CTV News/Globe/Nanos will release polling on the top issues among Canadians, the Nanos Leadership Index which is a daily score on trust, vision and competence and new research on how Canadians feel about having an election.