Donations are needed to Keep Search Going for Jordan Wabasse


Help Find Jordan WabasseTHUNDER BAY – The Search Team looking for Jordan Wabasse have put out a call for help. The team needs your financial help to keep the effort going. There are search teams out looking everyday, but the search effort is also fueled by the donations of people who care.

Right now there is a search team in Thunder Bay from Cat Lake. The team is willing to keep searching, but need help for accomdation.

From across the North, and in Thunder Bay, the searchers have received support.

The new search headquarters have been donated by Maurice Mailhot.

The Facebook Group ( ) continues to grow.

Your help makes a difference. Simply put, imagine if it were your son, or daughter who was missing? Wouldn’t you want everyone possible helping to find your missing loved ones?

Make a monetary donation @ Royal Bank of Canada

Transit: 01602

Institution: 003

Account: 132-271-8

Cashlink Card (Northern Store): 03911354

Cheques and Money Orders payable to:

Webequie First Nation

Re: Search Jordan Wabasse

*receipts can be requested, tax deductable