“I’ve heard from my constituents” – Hyer


Bruce Hyer MPTHUNDER BAY – Bruce Hyer, MP for Thunder Bay-Superior North states, “I’ve heard from my constituents.” Hyer makes the statement after completing an early-2011 public meeting tour across the riding “I’m going to pay careful attention to what this Budget will do on pensions, on job creation, on health care, on how it will reduce seniors’ poverty and help make life more affordable for ordinary families. I’m looking for a reversal of the massive tax shift from big corporations onto the middle class, small businesses and lower-income Canadians.”

“If Harper introduces a good Budget, I will support it.” Hyer said “If it needs improvement …I’m hoping for a change in Harper’s attitude, from his controlling and anti-democratic tendencies to a new recognition that he must co-operate to govern with a minority,” continues Hyer.

The Budget will be brought down today, and there could be deciding votes on the budget as early as Friday.