Northern Ontario Gets Earthquakes too


Map of Earthquakes in Northern Ontario over the past 30 days

THUNDER BAY – Often in Northern Ontario, on the Canadian Shield, we think of the stability of the massive rock as a buffer against the threat of earthquakes. However over the past thirty days, across the region there have been several earthquakes. The magnitude of the quakes are all very low, 2.0 or less.

Earlier today, just between Ottawa and Montreal there was a mild 4.2 earthquake.
Most of the time when there are concerns over earthquakes in Canada, the concerns are for the Pacific coast, with Vancouver Island and Vancouver being the focus of the potential dangers.
It was surprising to me to learn however that our region has had so many minor earthquakes in the past thirty days. If you look at the maps, Northern Ontario is not ever close to British Columbia in terms of the numbers of earthquakes.
Map of Earthquakes in British Columbia over the past 30 days