Reader asks “Where are those extra channels?”


Yesterday was February 24th. All those “extra channels” that Shaw promised their subscribers in the recent adverts??? Well, instead of getting MORE channels we lost 6 channels and didn’t even get a single (not one) replacement channel to replace the 6 channels moved to the digital box system. More. Ha! Non-digital cable subscribers on Shaw are like Oliver Twist begging for a few extra table scraps and being scoffed and laughed at by the tyrants who run the kitchens of the foster homes of days gone by.

If they can’t scam you by charging you an extra few dollars a month in digital box rentals – they are going to screw you over and make you subsidize digital cable for other people. Those of us who lost 6 channels did not have our cable bills lowered by 1 penny. We now – ONCE AGAIN – just as before – PAY MORE AND GET LESS!!!

Again, no wonder everyone and their dog is anxious to sign up with TBayTel. It’s just going to be a matter of time till TBayTel will allow up to 5 cable boxes and we drop Shaw like a hot potato as well. Do keep in mind, that TBayTel, unlike Shaw – actually gives you 2 CTV and 2 CBC channels on their cheapest and most basic service. At a fraction of a cost of what Shaw customers like myself are paying for vanishing channels and no CTV and soon no CBC channels either.

There must be consumer protection laws in this country that say a company cannot reneg on their deals with customers like this and just take away a whole lot of what customers are paying for without replacing it with something else or at least lowering rates for fewer viewing options!!!

CHFD goes Global and does Shaw give us a CTV feed? Nope! TBayTel gives their customers 2 of them, plus 2 CBC, plus Global, and others – all on their basic cable system.

If Shaw keeps screwing it’s customers over like this I hope their customers leave them in droves and that they go out of business – like they deserve. Enough of this MONEY FOR NOTHING Shaw Cable b.s. We pay damned high prices and deserve more channels and selection for our money. We should not be subsidizing their digital cable and cable box rental scams.

Eddie Doran

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