Act of Vandalism Damages The Urban Boutique


The Urban Boutique
Broken window at The Urban Boutique

THUNDER BAY – The Urban Boutique on Memorial Ave was vandalised in the early hours of Saturday morning. The culprits appear to have smashed the large window that sits facing Memorial Avenue. It then appears that they proceeded to insert paintball guns into the clothing store, specifically targeting but not stealing the name brand racks in the store.

The damage has been estimated at $15,000 worth of merchandise.

The Thunder Bay Police have already started their investigation taking the paintball casings left behind into evidence as they may include fingerprints and bar code manufacturer printing.

Angelo Petta, the shop owner was available this morning to take a briefing after calling the local police, and says he doesnt believe this was just a random act of vandalism and hopes the investigation will wrap up soon.

The Urban Boutique sponsors a number of different music events in Thunder Bay in addition to offering a wide range of clothing and MMA merchandise.