RE: Horizon Wind Inc.


I refer to the recent news of Horizon Wind and the City’s arbitration process held in Toronto January 13th, 2011 and the decision from the Southern Ontario Judge.

Am I surprised?


Am I upset?


Apparently the court hearing was a public process (this is fact) so I have to ask why wasn’t anyone from Thunder Bay Council, Thunder Bay City Administration, or even someone from Thunder Bay’s media people invited or notified or brought up-to-date from last week?

Please do not take this as a criticism because it’s not meant to be.

The media has done a tremendous job providing the public with information about this company’s proposal and the entire situation at hand.

I mention this only because it frustrates me to know that a potential $126 Million lawsuit which can and will affect each and every one of us tax paying citizens, was not discussed by our City Fathers, yet a Press Release from Horizon was issued to confirm certain facts.

I haven’t seen that Press Release, but….Were they gloating?

Is our community really going to do business with this company?

A company who claimed to be a family run business, wishing to be a part of our community? And yet, not two seconds after they heard that 4 turbine locations were not approved, they slapped this lawsuit down!

Does that sound fair? Does that sound like a company who wants to do business here? REALLY?!?

Sounds like the green colour of money, not the green energy face they’re putting on and hiding behind.

The Citizens of Thunder Bay deserve to know what is happening here. All these closed door sessions (in-camera meetings) is not helping me to believe in the “clarity and transparency” of Council or Administration.

It hasn’t been easy for many of my friends and neighbours this past year. Having had all this happen so fast and without warning has made it very stressful for our families. Every man’s home is his castle…and it seems like we’re being invaded. We don’t have any protection or have any say about what is going to happen to our neighbourhood. That’s not fair! We worry about our health, our homes, our sleep, our community…..I understand and appreciate the need to reduce green house gases, conservation of power, saving the planet through recycling, reduction of pollutants, etc., I am not arrogant or stupid or callous to our environment – none of us are. But I know that there was a much better way to have handled this process thru better communication, open public discussions (where you didn’t have to sign in, agree to be videotaped, and have ARMED police and security guards at the door!) and a better, more fair process with our citizens, those mostly affected by this project (and there are hundreds and hundreds of people in South Neebing who will be closely and adversely affected by this project – not just a “small handful” as reported”.

I am shaking my head at some of the decisions being made now with respect to this potential lawsuit, and those that have been made in the past. I don’t know everything that goes on behind closed Council doors, and I don’t need to know it at all, but the basic facts and gist of those meetings should have been shared with the public from the beginning….way back….from 2005! (Not October 2009 when my neighbourhood and the general public found out!)

One can only hope that Council will not back down from this bully; I can’t see this company wanting anything but a huge settlement figure. Perhaps they will erect their next windfarm with improved public relations and community involvement. One can only hope!

What a ridiculous process this has been. There comes to mind an old saying, which may have helped avoid all this negativity….Out of sight, out of mind.

And now, to keep them out of sight or out of mind, it’s going to cost us BIG. It already cost us in legal fees. How much more? I don’t know, but for sure it won’t be $126 Million; that’s pie in the sky.

Green pie.


Anna Marchese.

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