Walkabout Wednesday -All Aboard Thunder Bay Transit


Sleeping GiantTHUNDER BAY – It is another “Walkabout Wednesday” and Mayor Keith Hobbs, along with Councillors Hebert and Virdiramo will be enjoying time aboard a Thunder Bay Transit Bus.

Mayor Hobbs and Councillors Hebert and Virdiramo will board a bus at City Hall to encourage increased ridership. Thunder Bay Transit is the best way to get around Thunder Bay. Safe, reliable, economical and environmentally friendly, transit buses can take people virtually anywhere within urban Thunder Bay. Operating with a fleet of 49 buses on 14 routes, Transit service runs from about 6 am to after midnight in most areas. Approximately 90 per cent of the city is within 400 metres of a bus stop. 

The crew departed at 9 am departing City Hall on #3 Memorial to the Water St. Terminal. They will then return on the 9:30 am departing Water St. Terminal on # 2 Crosstown returning to City Hall.

Thunder Bay Transit offers safe and secure rides across the city, and you can check the status of buses online with the NEXTBus technology at www.nextbus.com.