Wolff – I find the entire application and selection process needs reform


THUNDER BAY – After applying for our city’s committees/boards, I find the entire application and selection process needs to be reformed.  When I applied for these positions, there was no specific deadline on when to submit applications, who to address in my cover letter or what was specifically needed with regards to personal references or other documentation.  Secondly, administration should not be allowed to give recommendations to council on who they should appoint.

I commend Councillor Boshcoff for bringing this to our attention.  Also, I find it highly inappropriate the mayor and councillors have to select all these people the first day they serve their term.  Perhaps this selection process should be done 6 months into the term of the new city council to give all councillors a chance to get settled into their positions, as well as having a chance to get to know those who applied for these positions and what these positions entail.

On a personal note, I received 10 letters from the city clerk’s office stating, I was not selected to serve on any of the committees/boards I applied to specifically.

I find it very interesting the majority of 13 people on council would deny me an opportunity to serve our city, when over 1000 citizens wanted me to represent them as Councillor for Current River Ward.

I’m curious as to how many other former candidates applied to and were denied consideration to serve on any of these boards or committees.  City council should have the wisdom to see our city will never move forward when virtually the same type of people sit on these committees/boards year after year.  It’s a shame if people are selected on these committees/boards based on status, rather than ideals.

There is no doubt my vision for our city differs from many of those presently on city council and administration.  However, these differences should not be viewed as conflicting, but rather as adding diversity on how we all can make our city a better place to live.

Andy Wolff

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Andy Wolff ran as a candidate for Current River Ward Councillor in the 2010 Municipal Election. He is a Citizen Representative for Thunder Bay’s Anti-Racism Advisory Committee.