TBaytel Hits the Television Market with Deals


TBaytel TelevisionTHUNDER BAY – Looking for a new way to watch television? Tbaytel has launched their new Digital television program. The program has come together in recent months, and is now available on the Tbaytel website.

The Thunder Bay based company is offering consumers the opportunity to bundle their mobile phone, home phone, Internet and their home television. This allows Tbaytel to position themselves as the only company in the region right now able to offer those services.

For Digital television, Tbaytel has built-in many exciting features to enhance the viewing experience and create extra value in all Digital TV packages. 

  • Instant Channel Change
  • Interactive Program Guide (IPG)
  • Multiview
  • Live Dashboard
  • Parental Controls
  • Online TV Guide


You can check out all the offers, and the Bundles online at Tbaytel.net