Hudak – “Today is a historic and sad day…”


THUNDER BAY – “Today is a historic and sad day as Ontario marks its second anniversary as a Have Not province,” states Tim Hudak, Leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party. “While other provinces across Canada continue to recover and grow, Dalton McGuinty continues to plunge Ontario deeper into debt.    When Ontario first fell into Have Not status, we collected $347 million in welfare payments from the federal government. Today, Ontario has tripled the handout we accept from Ottawa”.

“Ontario families know they need to live within their means,” continued Hudak. “But Dalton McGuinty’s punishing taxes, record breaking deficits and debt and high unemployment mean Ontario will continue to rely on handouts and families will continue to struggle to make ends meet”.

Hudak says, “In the next provincial election, Ontario families will have a clear choice between the McGuinty Liberals, whose tax grabs, scandals and reckless spending have driven Ontario into Have Not status, or a PC Government that will provide real relief to hard-working families, create jobs and get Ontario moving again”.

“Once the economic engine of Canada, Dalton McGuinty has dug us so deep in a hole we may never get out unless we get off this failed path,” charges Hudak. “As long as Dalton McGuinty continues with his punishing taxes and record breaking deficits and debts, Ontario’s Have Not status will mean a province of Have Not households.”