Political Phone Scam?


THUNDER BAY – Scott Hobbs, Campaign Manager for the Keith Hobbs Campaign for Mayor is advising the public of a possible phone scam in the city. The campaign has received calls from a number of supporters advising that they have received telephone calls from someone claiming to be from the Keith Hobbs Campaign. The caller then asks for a donation.

“At this time we are not engaged in any public fundraising for the campaign.” says Scott Hobbs. “It is important for people to know that no telephone solicitation for donations is on-going on behalf of the campaign. Anyone who receives such a call is asked to use the call trace feature on their phone found on page 30 of the phone book and to then call police immediately.

“Like all campaigns, this one has had a number of elections signs disappear but this type of incident is highly unusual. We do not know if this is someone attempting to fraudulently receive money from unsuspecting individuals, or an attempt to discredit the campaign. Either way, the public needs to be informed”: said Scott Hobbs.