Wax Philosophic Shooting Music Video!


Wax PhilosophicTHUNDER BAY– Thunder Bay has a wealth of musical and artistic talent. Right now, Wax Philosophic is filming a new music video in the city.

Director Damien Gilbert reports, “Today we shot a few segments for Wax Philosophic’s song “Devil In A Red Dress”.

“With the help of Zimmer Air Services. Our Pilot Jordan Manion took us on a journey around Mount  Mckay in a helicopter to capture some shots of Jarret Schilke and Derek Desa of Wax Philosophic to incorporate into the video,” added Gilbert.

Wax Philosophic Video Shoot Thunder Bay“We are shooting for the duration of the week. Stay tuned for behind the scenes images,” shared Gilbert.

The band is based in Thunder Bay and has been playing since the early 2000’s.

The shooting schedule today will include using the Nor’Wester Mountain Escarpment as a backdrop with the setting sun in the video.

“Anyone want to be an extra in a Wax Philosophic Music Video tonight? We will be shooting Downtown in front of the Scotia bank at 9pm,” says Gilbert.

Its a great way to support local music and talent!