Virtual Tour of Marina Park in Thunder Bay


THUNDER BAY – Construction at Marina Park is continuing. The Waterfront Development Office and MorVision Video Productions have produced the first of two Virtual Tours of Prince Arthur’s Landing, and will be airing them for public viewing on the web and local television beginning Friday, Oct. 15.

“We wanted to provide everyone with a close-up and virtual look at the remarkable work that is being done on Prince Arthur’s Landing, instead of only seeing it through a construction safety fence,” said Katherine Dugmore, Waterfront Project Manager.

“There are hundreds of updated photos on our website and Facebook page, but with a video tour, we can take people through the site and offer an enhanced experience.”

The first segment will feature development to the shoreline and Pier 2, including the Granite Stone Steps, Picnic Docks, Waterfront Promenade and Viewing Circle.