Shannon Hobbs – “As you know my dad is running for mayor”


THUNDER BAY – As you know my dad is running for mayor. I want to tell you a little bit about him. Some of you have met my dad, some of you may have just heard about him. I’m going to tell you what kind of person he is, and you can judge for yourself whether or not to vote for him on October 25th.

Growing up, my dad showed me much about how to treat other people. He taught me that if you show people kindness and respect, they will do the same for you. I remember one specific incident when I was young, my brothers and I were going to my dad’s for a weekend visit when the car broke down on the highway. It was the dead of winter, and long before cell phones were commonplace. A man and his small son picked us up in their van to drive us back home and my dad to a mechanic. On the way I listened to the conversation and realized this was a man my dad had previously arrested. Instead of bearing any ill will, he thanked my dad for helping him realize his mistakes, and that he was turning his life around. I learned that day how our actions can permanently change someone’s life.

My father also taught me about sacrifice. He missed a lot of my childhood, not out of choice but to serve a calling to help other people. As a police officer, his job took precious time away from his family so he could help be there for other people’s families. He tried to shelter us from the harsh realities of the horrors he saw daily but sometimes that was impossible. My brothers and I were at my dad’s house when he received the phone call that police officer Craig Town had been shot and seriously wounded. My dad had to immediately take us home and spent the next countless hours away from his family once again to help a friend and co-worker who had almost lost his life. He probably never knew that from the time I understood what a cop does, I feared every day that he would not come home. That night terrified me. However, I was also prouder than I have ever been, of my dad, of Craig, and of every police officer who would risk their life for strangers on a daily basis.

Fast forward to high school; As a teenager, I chose to be different, dyeing my hair green and piercing body parts. Although I know it drove my dad nuts, he always told me he loved it. Reverse psychology, but it never really worked. As a result of my appearance, I was picked on relentlessly at school. I tolerated it for a few years without telling my parents. I didn’t want them to worry. Finally I had enough and transferred schools. When my dad found out, he was furious. He marched down to the school to defend his daughter, and every other kid who was different. I should have been embarrassed, but again, I felt nothing but pride that my dad would charge in and try to make things right for his little girl.

That is my dad. He is always charging in trying to make things right for the little guy. Trying to do the right thing, even when it would be the easiest thing to just walk away. He proved it to me over and over as I grew up, and he continues to prove it to me on a daily basis.

Standing up last year to speak about crime in the city was just one more way he sticks up for the people who cannot do it themselves. He put his reputation and job on the line to say what everyone else should have said but did not have the guts to do so. He stood his ground and took everything they threw at him and in the end, the truth won out. He knows what he is talking about and is incredibly smart, even for a Bruins fan. He taught me that it’s ok to cry and show emotion, especially during the playoffs.

My dad is a good person. He is kind and compassionate, friendly and fun to be around, loving and warm and fair. He is my hero. Just thought you should know.

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