“The marina and the wind farm typify the poor planning…” – Roberts


THUNDER BAY – This is my first political campaign and it has been quite an impressive and enjoyable experience so far, meeting the many people and sharing their concerns and hopes for Thunder Bay. This city faces many challenges, but together we can meet these challenges if the taxpayers put the right people with the right skills on their Council.

The marina and the wind farm typify the poor planning and project management skills of this Council, and their lack of transparency and unwillingness to pursue public consultation demonstrate their arrogance towards the people they claim to represent and who pay them – the taxpayers of Thunder Bay.

I say enough is enough. If elected to City Council I will push vigorously for full public disclosure of all aspects of the marina and the wind farm projects and I want all documentation made available to the public within 90 days of the new council taking office. No more secrecy. Thunder Bay belongs to the citizens of Thunder Bay, not this council or any special interest groups.

I also call upon all candidates standing for mayor, councillor at large and ward to publicly declare whether they support full public disclosure of both projects within the 90 day timeframe or are against the public knowing the truth.

I say it is time we know the full story.

Darren Roberts



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