Dryden Strike Deadline Postponed


DRYDEN – Stephen Boon, CEP National Representative in Dryden has confirmed that this Sunday’s midnight strike action has been postponed up to 48 hours pending the outcome of renewed talks with Ainsworth Engineered LP scheduled for Tuesday morning in Fort Frances.

Boon states, “We met with the 130 Members of Local 324-99 on Friday to inform them of the postponement of planned weekend strike action pending the outcome of Tuesday’s negotiations with Ainsworth Management. However, we also finalized preparations for immediate strike action in the event these talks are unsuccessful.” The CEP Members overwhelmingly rejected a final offer put forth by Ainsworth Engineered LP’s OSB Mill in Barwick and voted for strike action by over 97% at meetings held on Tuesday, July 20.

Boon says, “We have put forth a gesture of good faith by postponing strike action in order to make one final effort towards reaching a new tentative agreement.”