Stanley Cup and Patrick Sharp Begin Fun Day in Thunder Bay


THUNDER BAY – “Greetings from Thunder Bay, Ontario, where Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Sharp is enjoying his moment in the sun,” stated Paul Vinciguerra.

“Just a few moments ago, Sharp was handed the Stanley Cup by keeper Mike Bolt at the airport here and will now spend the day with the trophy he helped Chicago win for the first time since 1961 last month,” shared Vinciguerra with readers on the NHL blog following the revered Stanley Cup.

As expected, the crowd here went crazy when Sharp raised the Stanley Cup above his head. He’ll spend the next couple of hours at autograph sessions as fans across the region flock to see their local boy with the most prestigious trophy in all of sports.

The Cup will have a busy and eventful day in Thunder Bay with a public stop at the Fort William Gardens, and several special “secret” stops to share the trophy with fans.