Hudak and PCs Launch Online Poll on HST


QUEEN’S PARK – Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC Caucus have launched a new online poll where Ontario families can vote on which good or service the HST will hurt family budgets most.

“People are already doing their part and paying more than their fair share of taxes in Dalton McGuinty’s Ontario. We are calling on Ontario families, seniors and business people to tell this out-of-touch McGuinty government just how much the HST will hurt them by participating in our online poll,” stated Hudak.

Tomorrow marks the one-month countdown until Dalton McGuinty’s latest tax grabs takes effect.  The HST will increase prices on gas, electricity, home heating fuel, airline tickets, haircuts and dozens of other goods and services Ontario families use every day.

To have your voice heard on the impact of the HST, visit The poll is also available on the Tim Hudak iPhone application.

The Ontario PCs are opposed to the HST but have not promised that they would repeal the tax measure if elected in 2011.