HST Protest Will Happen today in Thunder Bay


THUNDER BAY – Native leaders and supporters are rallying today and plan and slow down traffic to protest the Harmonized Sales Tax. “We are asking all Anishinabek Nation citizens and our allies to help defeat a tax that represents a cash grab from the poorest Canadians and an assault against the Treaty Right to tax exemption,” says Regional Chief Peter Collins.

The protest will take place along Highway 11/17, Arthur Street and Syndicate Avenue in the city from 12-4PM today.

“This tax is a direct attack of our treaty rights to remain tax exempt,” says Chief Collins. “The implementation of the HST will impact all citizens of Ontario. We need to join together to oppose this action. We encourage all citizens to contact their member of Parliament and MPP and have their say against the HST.”

“Thousands of First Nations families – to whom his government publicly apologized and promised a better future – would be further impoverished by $100 a week by this immoral and illegal tax proposal,” says Collins.