Ignatieff Thunder Bay Bound


Michael Ignatieff MPTHUNDER BAY – Federal Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is headed to Thunder Bay. On May 4th, the Thunder Bay–Superior North and Thunder Bay–Rainy River Federal Liberal Riding Associations are hosting an event to welcome the Liberal Leader to the Northwest!

The event will be held at the ever popular Tony and Adams on Court Street. For tickets $10: Call the TBRR Liberal Riding Association at (807) 622-7769 or 1-877-888-8640, or call Russ York (TBSN Liberal Riding Association) at (807) 343-6558.

The latest public opinion poll conducted by EKOS shows that the Liberals, under the leadership of Ignatieff are lagging behind the Conservatives.

The Conservatives hold support at 32.1 percent, with the Liberals at 27.1 percent.