Digital life bank boycotts the US sanctions to offer services to Iranian investors


Investors in Iran have not found it easy when it comes to investing in crypto and other digital assets. The Iranian government has clamped so many investment options and placed sanctions here and there making it difficult for investors to make money.

The U.S. placed sanctions and warned that companies doing business with Iran will not be able to do business with the United States. Digital Life Bank is taking no part in these sanctions and will continue to render services to investors in Iran as well as many others around the world.

They offer some of the best financial products that have allowed them to reach great heights. It has received wide acclaim from all over the world. This article is about their role in assisting investors around the world and its influence on people’s lives. It’s also about how they got their reputation.

This is a story of success that shows that everyone is needed in society and we are all equal in nature. Digital life bank offers one of the best ways of securing funds and offers everyone the opportunity to transact securely without exposing their information.

Their customers can buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies using MasterCard or Visa cards and easily transfer them to any country they wish. These financial services make their customer base even larger and enable them to serve a lot of people who might have limited access to banks or even any kind of banking service.

This opens many doors for investors from Iran and other parts of the world who ordinarily would not find it easy to gain access to various investment opportunities. Crypto traders, consumers, crypto entrepreneurs, etc can easily get a license from Digital Life Bank and enjoy all the benefits they have to offer. All you need to do is visit their website and complete the online application form


About Digital Life Bank

Digital Life Bank was founded in 2007 by Joseph Allenberg and Robert Mazhar, two individuals who were well experienced in financial matters. These two partners together established the company which now employs over 1,000 people worldwide.

Their objective was to bring innovation and progress to the world of finance and banking by establishing an independent digital bank that will allow anyone in the world to send money across borders without restrictions and provide an extensive range of financial services that would attract both high-profile customers and new clients from different sectors.

What The Company Provides

The firm provides innovative solutions for various business models including an ICO portal for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, financial service packages for blockchain startups, peer-to-peer payments for small businesses, debit cards for freelancers, prepaid card services for gaming communities, e-wallet services for mobile game developers, mobile commerce platforms for gamers, a system for remittances to countries where traditional money transfer is either restricted or slow, etc.

The company has made its products available on multiple channels such as an Android app, iOS app, desktop application, Web app, web portal, crypto exchange, and several other mediums. They also provide extensive customer support via their official website and 24/7 hotline to address all issues faced by clients. The firm currently operates across 50 countries with 2 million clients worldwide.  For more information about Digital Life Bank, please visit.

The bank provides loans and evaluation and investment management solutions to companies of all sizes. Some of the loans provided by the company include merchant cash advances, auto refinancing, leasing, installment loans, mortgage loans, micro loans, credit cards, asset-backed loans, crypto loans.

The firm has developed a platform which it refers to as Venture Office which allows investors to easily find a list of interesting projects which are being evaluated by professional teams of analysts. They evaluate each project based on different criteria such as reliability, concept, team, risk profile, capital needs, estimated cost, legal matters, development needs, security risks, scalability, exit strategy, distribution channels, performance data, customer acquisition cost, technological features, revenue streams, fundraising details, marketing efforts, etc.