Interview with Vojtech Cekal: 15 year old music producer

Vojtech Cekal
Vojtech Cekal

Some of you have already heard of Vojtech, but here’s a quick recap: Vojtech Cekal is a fifteen-year-old music artist from the country of the Czech Republic. Most people know him from his TikTok remix “Astronaut in the Ocean” originally made by the artist Masked Wolf. His remix version went viral after the original artist shared it on his social media handles. His remix got about a million plays on Spotify and 40,000 plays on Shazam. His first venture into the music world was a single titled Empty. “Empty” was actually a remix of Juice WRLD’s song on his album “Death race for Love” which was released in 2019. Vojtech Cekal has also released his own album titled “Stay High” in collaboration with artist James Paul on 23 October 2021. The album paid homage to the late artist JUICE WRLD, an American rapper. 

So Vojtech, we are glad to have you in this interview, let’s get to the first question! 

Who is your current favorite music producer and composer?

That’s a great question! My current favorite music producer is the one that inspired me to start making music, Avicii. Without him, I would probably be nothing.

I expected this answer, Vojtech. I have listened to your music many times and in some of them, I can hear the Avicii style music.

How do you see yourself as an artist?I see myself just like any other person. Even after all this success I got, I still feel like a small music producer. And I think I’m never going to change.

You are very young, so at such a young age you become successful. What are some challenges you faced to reach this level, till now?

Well, my biggest challenge I faced was to get my music out there. I remember spamming YouTube comments just to get someone to hear my music. And to be honest, I don’t recommend it. It almost got my channel deleted and my career almost ended.

What is the advice you would give to other aspiring young music producers and music artists?

Be patient. Yes, you heard that right. There are millions of artists who are trying to get their music heard, but most of them aren’t successful. Why? Because they are doing exactly what I did. They are spamming their music everywhere. Do they really think anyone cares? No one does, and they are just wasting their valuable time. The best you can do is produce high-quality music and wait. Someone will discover you soon, will like your music and maybe recommend it to his friends. His friends will recommend it to their other friends, and the chain reaction can go like this forever. 

I have seen from your Instagram account that there will be a new music coming out soon. All posts are tagged with “Future80”. What is it?

Well, that’s a secret. I can’t tell you much about it because it’s going to be a surprise. 

Alright Vojtech, once again, it was a pleasure having you in this interview today. Thank you for taking your time to be here today, and we are excited to see where will your music career go.

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