How The Dedication And Work Ethic Of Rob Ratin Has Enabled Him To Become A Successful E-Commerce Entrepreneur

Rob Ratin
Rob Ratin

 In recent months, a new generation of entrepreneurs have demonstrated their ability to build and scale pandemic-resilient businesses. As brick and clay retailers close at an unprecedented rate, e-commerce businesses are experiencing tremendous growth. Rob Ratin and his Shopify customers are no exception for this rule.

In the midst of today’s frenzy, some young people like Rob get creative with their business intuition. While many people lose their jobs and are willing to stay healthy, others think clearly and create your own brand and online agency.

Rob, a Brooklyn businessman, has struggled in business for as long as he can remember. From buying and reselling high quality clothing to investing in collectibles, he always knew he would end up somewhere in the business space. As he grew up, digital marketing and e-commerce became his specific area.

In recent years, he and his partner have built many dropshipping e-commerce stores and quickly expanded the business beyond expectations. During the pandemic, formerly making umbrellas for its own businesses, his firm opened its doors to a new group of clients around the world. Seeing immediate results, this business, like others, grew rapidly.

How can they achieve such amazing results? Rob repeatedly mentions that this has to do with vertically integrating all aspects of the business. The creation of a dedicated team of web developers and marketers within the company is Rob’s main achievement in his success, and this is what allows him to maintain complete transparency both within the business and within the company, his own business and the business that his agent manages for clients.

Rob states, “In any business, it is much easier to hire a third party to manage certain services. And it’s much easier for them to meet the minimum requirements, after all, they still get paid. But are you sure? “Are you doing the highest quality work? Are you sure your clients are being cared for and getting the results they want?

During a recent interview in New York, we asked Rob what he thinks long term. He smiles as if he already has something and calmly says that his ultimate goal is to provide others with high-quality educational services for free. Rob set out to create an online platform based on free financial education.

“People sell courses to make money because it’s profitable. I wanted to create a platform completely focused on financial education, be it digital marketing, stock trading. Learn to file your tax return, the list goes on and on and I want to make money from it, I will ask marketers to advertise on this platform, be it an app or a website, like how your favorite apps or websites are advertised to users and bring me profit so that I can continue to reinvest and improve. I just need resources and infrastructure. The frame is in place.

If you’re interested in learning more about Rob and possibly working with his agency, be sure to follow him on Instagram at Rob Ratin.


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