Here’s Why You Should Never Reject a Project Due to Its Size per Omar Wala


Real estate is one of the most captivating and profitable industries and there are thousands of famous and influential real estate investors who rose to fame thanks to their remarkable business undertakings. However, there is one real estate mogul who stands out from the crowd and his name is Omar Wala.

Omar Wala sits on the board of Operations at Brisa Builders Corp. This company offers construction development and management services and construction-based financing. What makes Wala and his team different from the majority of other companies is that they aim to address the increasing demand for affordable housing in the greater metropolitan area by developing and constructing mixed-use and multi-family buildings.

To date, Brisa has completed more than 1,000 dwelling units and provided affordable housing for numerous families in New York City.

“Our purpose is to develop the communities in which we live. First, we strive to make a safer, affordable, and clean home environment for all people. We actually live in the communities we serve; we have family and friends that live in these communities, and we have worked in those same communities. Our team has a genuine interest in the stabilization and growth of not just Brooklyn, but NYC as a whole,” Omar Wala says.

In addition to constructing family buildings, Wala also has a few significant projects under his belt. One of them is Ebeneezer Plaza, a multi-building, mixed-use, affordable housing development that includes retail, community facilities, and affordable residences that are rented at about 60% below the locality’s median income.

A successful entrepreneur who spent about $50 million on construction over the past four years, Wala says that he is more than glad to accept all sorts of projects, no matter how big or small they are.

“For me as an entrepreneur, nothing is too big or too small. I have contracted on $100 million buildings, but I also quite often take a bathroom remodel job for $7,000. Cash flow, consistency, and building a customer base are the most important in keeping a business afloat,” Wala says.

Wala’s massive success is the only needed proof that his strategy works. So far, Omar has fetched a net worth of $15 million, and he doesn’t plan to stop any time soon. In addition to Brisa Builders Corp, Wala has also become a Chief Financial Officer of a Miami-based sports agency, First Round Management, with a half a billion-dollar contract negotiation experience.

Omar Wala believes that anyone can make their dreams come true if they follow the path of hard work, dedication, honesty, and integrity. He strives to inspire younger generations with his outstanding work, hoping that they will follow in his footsteps and achieve greatness with persistence and perseverance.