A few entrepreneurial lessons by Pohyal Stori for those who wish to make a profound impact

Pohyal Stori
A few entrepreneurial lessons by Pohyal Stori for those who wish to make a profound impact

The 23-year-old German-Afghan entrepreneur believes that the authority of a leader is never greater than their accountability.

Today, when people ask others why they wish to become entrepreneurs, most of them say that they want to become their own boss, as they don’t wish to be answerable to anyone. Many of them think that entrepreneurs only make the rules and they do not have to conform to anyone else’s ideas. However, all those budding entrepreneurs who think as this show only poor leadership and with their unreasonable line of thinking reach nowhere in their respective industries, believe Pohyal Stori, who has now become a dominant name in the IT industry with bringing about changes, people did even imagine were possible.

Expert entrepreneurs like Pohyal Stori, who at 23 years of age, owns several IT companies and have worked relentlessly to contribute to the Pashtun community by giving them their due right and recognition, show other entrepreneurs the right path towards making the change they want to see in the world and going ahead in impacting people profoundly and positively. He says that entrepreneurs need to understand that only breaking the rules and taking risks isn’t enough; they also must be responsible and accountable for the results. Below, Pohyal Stori lays out a few leadership lessons that he believes is necessary for every entrepreneur to learn as that can help them become visionary in their endeavours.

  • Strong decision-making skills: There might be many ideas that can cross their minds in a day. Entrepreneurs need to trust their ideas and stand by them and make strong decisions around the same to apply them in their business. Introducing the Pashto language in Google’s translation system and then publishing Pashto Web Fonts was not only an idea but a purpose for Pohyal Stori, which he believed in and his strong decision-making skills helped him achieve the same.
  • Building the right team: To get staggering levels of success, entrepreneurs need to realise what talents and abilities they have in them and reach their full potential and encourage others in their team to do the same. Entrepreneurs become leaders when they build the right team that believes in the company’s visions and understands its mission.
  • Accountability: This stands as the most important leadership lesson as entrepreneurs cannot hide behind anyone else’s decisions as the ultimate power to make the final call is in their hands. Blaming others if things don’t go the way they planned it is the biggest mistake any entrepreneur can make. They must take full responsibility and have accountability for every decisions and mistakes made.

Pohyal Stori went ahead in becoming a leader for the kind of genuine purpose he showed for working for the common good of all Pashtuns and also inspired entrepreneurs across the world to imbibe leadership lessons in their daily workings to become a leader in their industry.

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