Local Firefighter Stephanie Drost Named to Canadian Olympic Bobsleigh Team

Canada National Bobsleigh Team

Thunder Bay – SPORTS – Thunder Bay Fire Rescue Firefighter Stephanie Drost has been newly named to the Canadian Bobsleigh Team on track to the Beijing 2022 Olympics. She is one of the Brakemen for Team Canada, which has five pilots and eight brakemen in the system.

Stephanie Drost
Stephanie Drost

“About a year ago she had sent an email curious about bobsledding and the possibility of tryouts or how one would explore the sport, experience, and if there was any process established,” says Dave Paxton, Deputy Fire Chief.

“She was invited to try out in October of this year, and in anticipation of the uncertainty based on the timing of the different steps, requested a leave of absence to attend.”

Drost made it through the tryouts in Calgary, and then was later named to the team in November in Whistler. She is presently still training in Whistler with the team prior to a break for Christmas, and then determining what the remainder of the season will look like.

COVID-19 is significantly hindering the planning process for the team but details are being confirmed in the coming days and weeks.

Although the World Cup circuit is already underway in Latvia, Canada did not send their team yet due to COVID-19 concerns and planning.

“My firefighting career has definitely helped prepare me not only physically but has given me the mental toughness I need for this sport,” said Drost.

“I’m humbled and honoured to be where I am, representing not only my country but my hometown of Thunder Bay, and my brothers and sisters at Thunder Bay Fire Rescue. None of this would have been possible for me without the support I’ve received and continue to receive from my family, friends, work family and countless others.”