Thunder Bay Youth Honoured with Awards During Youth Week

Wish, Hope, Dream
Wish, Hope, Dream - Daniel Voss, President of Youth TBay is the artist sharing his enthusiasm.

Wish, Hope, Dream
Wish, Hope, Dream – Daniel Voss, President of Youth TBay is the artist sharing his enthusiasm.

THUNDER BAY – The youth of this community are very amazing individuals as showcased at the 2015 Youth Week Awards held on Friday, May 8th, 2015 bringing Youth Week 2015 to an end.

The City of Thunder Bay in partnership with the Thunder Bay Youth Strategy recognized the many contributions that youth between the ages of 13 years and 19 years old have made to the City of Thunder Bay.

The awards ceremony was held at YOUTHtbay, the youth centre located in Victoriiaville Mall, and had approximately 50 people in attendance. This year there were 27 youth nominated in the various categories which made selecting award recipients extremely difficult to do.

The recipients were selected by a panel of their peers with some assistance of Steering Committee Members from TBYS; each nominee and recipient was invited to make a speech regarding their nomination and the amazing work they do in their schools, as volunteers, in the community, and at the different levels of government – Municipal, Provincial and National.

Many speeches highlighted each youth’s focus which included inclusiveness and equality, the elimination of discrimination, the celebration of culture and diversity, the creativity behind innovative ideas, and a drive to make Thunder Bay the best community it possibly can be.

The categories of awards that youth were nominated for include:

Community Enhancement Award

This award recognizes youth that have made positive contributions to the community on a voluntary basis such as serving on a committee and other volunteer work with organizations/agencies/groups.

Time spent volunteering must be separate from any educational requirement.

Winners: Community Enhancement Award: Shawna Campbell, age 13; and Carlee Garieri, age 18

 Young Giant Award

This award is awarded to a youth whose actions have helped further a cause or belief or enhanced the life or lives of others. The recipient will have shown passion or empathy while lending their support. As well, the recipient will have demonstrated selflessness or notable deed for the betterment of another individual.

Winners: Young Giant Award: Xander Scriver, age 16, Mathew Sloan, age 17; Maddison Ranta, age 17; and Clarissa Marshall, age 17

Leader of Tomorrow

This award is awarded to a youth who has demonstrated leadership in different endeavours in the community. The recipient will have shown leadership and commitment through volunteering and community participation. The recipient of this award will be someone considered a positive role model to their peers as well as the youth community. The recipient will have demonstrated inclusiveness of all youth and passion towards improving the overall quality of life for youth in Thunder Bay.

Winners: Leader of Tomorrow Award: Autumn Lamontagne, age 13; Abi Rogers, age 14; Emily Payne, age 17; and Taylor Nicholl, age 18

Young Entrepreneurs Award

This award will be awarded to a youth that has taken their business idea and made it into a reality. The recipient of this award must have demonstrated initiative to create their own business. The recipient of this award must have demonstrated an ability to develop a business plan and operate their own business. The recipient must demonstrate entrepreneurial skills.

Winner: Young Entrepreneurs Award: Janine Collison, age 17

Youth Movement Group Award

This award is awarded to a group of youth who has committed time and energy to voice a cause and bring about change. The recipient must have demonstrated passion and conviction towards an issue impacting youth locally, provincially, nationally or internationally.

Winner: Youth Movement Group Award: Westgate CVI, Gay-Straight Alliance

Community Organization Youth Award

This award is awarded to a community organization/agency or business that has made outstanding contribution to youth in the community of Thunder Bay. The recipient of this award will have pushed youth issues forward as a priority, have youth included throughout their operations, and will promote inclusiveness and integration of youth within their organization’s setting.

Community Organization Youth Award: Regional Multicultural Youth Council

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is presented to a youth that has achieved more accomplishments than most individuals would be able to in a lifetime. This youth enhances their community through volunteerism, is a strong current and future leader, and whose actions help further a cause or belief that improves the quality of life for others.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Clyde Moonias, age 19; and Jeevan Chahal, age 17

Youth Award winners were divided into two age categories: 13 – 15 years old; and 16 – 19 years old. The Thunder Bay Youth Strategy and City of Thunder Bay would like to congratulate all youth on their nominations, and are for their efforts in making Thunder Bay a better place for everyone. The Thunder Bay Youth Strategy would also like to extend their appreciation to everyone in attendance of the 2015 Youth Awards, including the City of Thunder Bay’s Recreation & Culture Division and Councillor Rebecca Johnson.

With these youth developing the future of Thunder Bay, it is safe to say that our community is in good hands. We hope that youth will continue to be as active and as driven as they are, and we look forward to acknowledging the work of the nominee’s next year in the 2016 Youth Awards.

Thunder Bay Youth Strategy – Steering Committee