Innflux Announces New Line of GuestPC

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CHICAGO-Innflux, a Chicago-based provider of high speed Internet access network solutions, has announced theInnflux Logo rollout of a new line of computers designed for use in the hospitality industry. The GuestPC™ and GuestMac™ computers are specifically programed with Innflux’s proprietary software to provide maximum user security and ease of use necessary for business center and hotel lobby computers.

Innflux GuestPC™ computers are set up to enable users to access necessary functionality, such as browsing the Internet or printing business and travel documents, while removing the risk of tampering, malware, or identity theft. The Innflux software maintains the computer in a “brand new” state, providing a consistent user experience regardless of whether the computer is 2 days or 2 years old.

“We’re excited for our new line of GuestPC™ 4.0s,” notes Chris Wieland, CTO at Innflux. “We have an excellent set of hardware options to pair with our software, allowing us to offer quality business center and lobby computers at different price levels to meet the varying needs of our customers.”

Innflux uses all-in-one computers for their GuestPC™ models to accommodate space constraints, whether the computer is for a business center, lobby, or any other use. Available brands include Innflux, Dell, HP, and Apple, with screen sizes ranging from 21.5” to 27”. All computers have at least 4GB of RAM and use Windows 8 or OS-X Mountain Lion. Additional software includes Microsoft office, K-9 Web Security, and multiple web browser selections to meet the preferences of various users.

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