Of 6,000 Partners, Google Focuses on TechKnowledgey Inc.,


GOSHEN-TechKnowledgey Inc. is excited that out of 6,000 partners, Google chose to focus on their company andTechKnowledgey Inc Logo

the work they’re doing to help companies large and small, transition from old-school business methods to the more efficient, high-tech methods of the 21st century. Google sent a camera crew out to the small town of Goshen, Indiana to learn more about TechKnowledgey Inc. and the work they’re doing.

The introduction of Cloud based IT solutions by companies like Google, Amazon, and SalesForce.com have dramatically changed the way companies do business. All of the effort and expense that was once dedicated to keeping hardware and software running smoothly can now be used to grow a business in new ways. Unfortunately, making the transition from the old-school methods of running a business to the newer, high-tech methods can be difficult.

It’s this challenge that gave birth to TechKnowledgey Inc. They not only understand the traditional methods used to effectively run a business, they also understand today’s technological advances and they know how to leverage those technologies to improve a company’s efficiency. TechKnowledgey Inc. works with companies to help them figure out which tasks can be done automatically and which tasks need the attention of real, live human beings.

TechKnowledgey Inc. is one of 6,000 Google partners, but their work in helping companies incorporate new technologies for greater efficiency and effectiveness caught the attention of Google. Shortly thereafter, Google decided to send a camera crew out to Goshen, Indiana where TechKnowledgey Inc. is based. The crew spent time filming TechKnowlegey Inc. to learn more about its innovative approach to helping companies incorporate 21st century technologies into their everyday business practices. Google is expected to release the video telling the story of TechKnowledgey Inc. soon.

TechKnowledgey Inc. provides onsite and cloud based IT services for business. They specialize in Google apps for business, network services, and managed print solutions. TechKnowledgey Inc. is certified and endorsed by Google.

To learn more about TechKnowledgey Inc. and how they can help your company incorporate and leverage the latest in technology go to http://techknowledgeyinc.com/.