Hurricane winds have hammered the Florida coast and taking beach sand out to sea

Florida Beach Sand – Gone with the Wind

A quick succession of powerful storms has made the challenges of rebuilding Florida’s beaches daunting By Laila Kearney FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla.  (Reuters) – Down the palm tree-lined roads of northeast Florida’s Flagler County, a half-dozen dump trucks are shuttling...

Posted 19 February 2018 by
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Green space in urban environments

The human payoff to urban green space

It’s a matter of sanitation, hygiene, health and aesthetics, and mental well-being, among other things By Natalia Pryadilina, Roy Damary and Allan Bonner Just as forests are the lungs of the planet, urban woodland provides the green lungs of...

Posted 12 February 2018 by
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Polar Bears

Let the climate debate begin!

Pruitt must launch public climate science debate soon By Tom Harris OTTAWA – OPINION – Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt is right to speak about the need for a full-blown public debate between scientists about the causes...

Posted 10 February 2018 by
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