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I have recently experienced something that I can only ascribe as being divine benevolence, and I feel it’s something I should elaborate on because it holds a major key to happiness. After all, happiness and freedom are two things that everyone on Planet Earth would like to attain, but few honestly ever find them. First

Posted 6 August 2010 by in Editorial
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NOMA Speaking out Against Bill 68

DRYDEN – The Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association is speaking out against a section of Bill 68: The Open for Business Act, 2010 that could further hurt the forest industry in Ontario. Bill 68 proposes to change the rigorous Crown Forest Sustainability Act to give the Endangered Species Act (ESA) higher authority when there is a

Posted 6 August 2010 by in NNL Headline News
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From the House – John Rafferty MP

I spent most of this past week in Ottawa taking care of a few housekeeping items and tying up some loose ends. Among the business I was taking care of was conducting some outreach on my pension security bill C-501.  As part of these outreach efforts I drafted and sent a letter to each of

Posted 5 August 2010 by in Politics
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