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Microfibres from Fleece Enter Water Systems

THUNDER BAY – Fleece is a wintertime staple but could be contributing to the next big ocean plastics problem: lint. The lightweight, cozy material sheds some of its synthetic microfibers each time it’s washed, and this lint ultimately ends up in surface waters and in fish and other wildlife. An article in Chemical & Engineering

Posted 25 March 2017 by in Environment
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Family of Mallard Ducks at Kam River Park - July 5 2016

Valuing motherhood advances women’s rights

The plight of the North American woman is that she can be all she wants to be, just don’t bring motherhood into the picture By Andrea Mrozek Family program director Cardus OTTAWA, Ont – LIVING – “I haven’t been discriminated against because I’m a woman,” said Véronique Bergeron. “I’ve been discriminated against because I’m a

Posted 25 March 2017 by in Featured
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