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Andrea Horwath New Democcrat Leader

New Democrats Unimpressed with Throne Speech

TORONTO – Leader of the Official Opposition Andrea Horwath said Thursday’s throne speech shows Ontario being dragged backwards, thanks to backroom deals Ford has made with insiders and lobbyists. “He’s dividing Ontarians, and sending a clear message that Ford will govern just for a few,” said Horwath. “For well-connected Ford insiders or lobbyists, apparently Ford’s

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Queen's Park legislative buildings. It was designed by architect Richard A. Waite; its construction begun in 1886 and it was opened in 1893.

First Nations in Ontario wish to also enjoy and participate in the prosperity and wealth

TORONTO – Early this afternoon, Her Honour the Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, delivered the Speech from the Throne opening the first Session of the 42nd Parliament of Ontario. The Speech from the Throne, while omitting any specific reference to First Nations in Ontario, does provide for the potential in creating a new

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German Highspeed Rail

“Hydrail: Then There Were Fourteen”

Mooresville – Transportation – Poland just became the 13th country to announce a hydrail project. They are investigating the potential to extract hydrogen from coal and use it to power freight railways. Poland joins 12 other countries that have begun the transition from diesel and overhead electric train traction to hydrail—traction that carries the electric power

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