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Chief Charged with Breach of Trust

AUNDECK OMNI KANING FIRST NATION, ON – In October 2016, the United Chiefs and Councils of Manitoulin (UCCM) Police made a formal request to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) to commence an investigation into criminal allegations involving a UCCM First Nation Band Chief. The Sudbury/Manitoulin OPP Crime Unit under the direction of Detective Staff Sergeant

Posted 25 May 2017 by in Anishinaabe
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Regular bedtimes prevent behavioural problems

Baby Shower Gifts

LONDON – LIVING – When your friend or sister shares the exciting news that she is having a baby, a few happy tears, lots of hugs and some “welcome” belly rubs are expected to go around. After that, you are supposed to find a baby gift that is impressive, thoughtful, unique and useful for your friend

Posted 25 May 2017 by in Living
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