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Tattooing body art increasing in popularity

THUNDER BAY – Lifestyle – Tattooing body art increasing in popularity, especially among young adults. For some it is a part of a life-style. For some it is a matter of individual choice. Hip-hop, heavy metal, or just for fun, the popularity of body art is growing. That doesn’t mean tattooing is risk free. Dermatologists are […]

Posted 2 March 2013 by in Arts Now
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Sault Ste Marie Ontario Cabinet

Sault Ste Marie Council meets with Northern Cabinet

SAULT STE MARIE – Sault Ste Marie Mayor Debbie Amaroso and Members of City Council hosted a reception last evening with Cabinet Ministers from the new Ontario government and the City’s Senior Management Team. This function provided the opportunity for valuable discussions regarding Sault Ste. Marie’s upcoming projects, unique challenges and community strengths.  Sault Ste Marie Northern Cabinet Meeting  […]

Posted 2 March 2013 by in Local
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red bull crashed ice Lausanne

Red Bull Crashed Ice – Topsy-turvy Team Competition battle

LAUSANNE (Switzerland) – In Red Bull Crashed Ice action it was a topsy-turvy team competition. The Ice Cross Downhill championship battle in Lausanne got off to a riveting start with the hard-fought Team Competition on Friday with a Canadian-German team called the International Gladiators coming from behind to beat Switzerland’s Swatch ProTeam in a spill-filled […]

Posted 2 March 2013 by in Sports
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Shaw Digital Television

Shaw Digital Television Free Previews for March

THUNDER BAY – Entertainment – Shaw Digital Television is expanding. Shaw reports, the digital television lineup keeps expanding. Right now there are free previews, new programs and special promotions that will amplify your TV viewing experience. Shaw Digital Television Free Previews Free preview of Slice until March 31, 2013 Slice is a female-friendly channel offering hours of […]

Posted 2 March 2013 by in Arts Now
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I often reflect Thunder Mountain Singers entertain crowd

I often reflect – Robert Horton

THUNDER BAY – Editorial – I often reflect why we as indigenous people have not made the rightful distance and progress towards the empowerment of our Nations and communities as we rightly should — given the time and resources that fuel the engines of our collective efforts.  When we do arrive at the destination of […]

Posted 2 March 2013 by in Editorial
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Red Bull Crashed Ice

Red Bull Crashed Ice – Derek Wedge upset favorites

LAUSANNE (Switzerland) – Derek Wedge upset all the favorites to win the last Red Bull Crashed Ice 2013 stop in Landgraaf, Holland and the free-spirited Swiss freestyle ski instructor has been the most consistent Ice Cross Downhill racer this season by reaching at least the semi-finals in every race. With his stirring 1,000-point victory in the Dutch indoor […]

Posted 1 March 2013 by in Sports
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Blackberry 10 Smart Phones

Smart Phones are taking over the market

THUNDER BAY – Smart phones are gaining in the marketplace. In Thunder Bay, the marketplace is getting more crowded with the addition of Bell, Virgin Mobile, and Telus to the market that Rogers and TBaytel once virtually owned. The marketplace is far different now than it was only a few short years ago. Smart Phones […]

Posted 1 March 2013 by in Business Now
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