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Keep a Green Thought with Holiday Cheer

THUNDER BAY – The City of Thunder Bay reminds residents that brightly coloured paper and foil gift wrap cannot be recycled due to the extremely high ink content of the paper. Discarded wrap cannot be recycled in the paper products blue bag with fine paper, flyers and boxboard.  “Recool Canada picks up recycling bags at […]

Posted 28 December 2010 by in NNL Headline News
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Nipigon Elks Report

NIPIGON – The Nipigon Elks hockey season has gone really well so far. The league has been really competitive this year. The Elks coaching staff is different this year. With Doug Kashak stepping down Greg Stein took over. The other coaches with Greg on the Elks are Cam Girvan and Jason Nicol. The Elks season […]

Posted 28 December 2010 by in Sports
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Eastern Seaboard Storm Impacting Air Travel

THUNDER BAY – If you have holiday travel plans, it might be worth checking with your airline regarding flights out of Toronto’s Pearson Airport. So far today, due to weather conditions on the east coast of the United States, over 200 flights have been cancelled. You can check online for the latest updates at […]

Posted 27 December 2010 by in NNL Headline News
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8th Annual Ischkinakker Shaker Raises $18,500!

THUNDER BAY – The 8th annual Ischkinakker Shaker raised $18,500. “Everyone had a lot of fun,” shared co-organizer Johnny De Bakker. The event, hosted at the CLE attracted a large gathering who came out to support the Justice Ronald B. Lester Memorial Foundation. Each year the Ischkinakker Shaker selects a local Thunder Bay charity and […]

Posted 26 December 2010 by in NNL Headline News
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Impaired Drivers Simply Suck!

THUNDER BAY – With all the options to get home after a night out, it is simply sad that despite all the education there are still far too many incidents of impaired drivers. The issue is not one found just in Thunder Bay. However our community has seen several incidents where the Thunder Bay Police […]

Posted 26 December 2010 by in Editorial
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