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NetNewsLedger Internship Programs

NetNewsLedger offers Several Internship programs.

Interns work with staff in a challenging but supportive environment.

Key Tools Needed

  • confidence
  • imagination
  • creativity
  • patience
  • attention to detail
  • time-management skills
  • organizational skills
  • technical skills
  • analytical skills
  • excellent problem-solving skills
  • excellent communication skills

Job description

NetNewsLedger has postings for two very creative and resourceful individual who would like to have real life practical experience in a fast moving Internet news organization.

Work Conditions

Working hours: 40 hours weekly.  Flexible. Mainly 9 to 5 but deadlines may require additional hours to be worked depending on the project.

Location: mainly in office but some work will be on location and for some tasks intern may work from home.

Applicant should have own laptop or device as well as most of the relevant program applications for multimedia creation, programming and content distribution.

News Reporting Intern Program

This is a demanding program. Internship journalists are for all general assignment positions.

Successful applicants could be writing features, covering crimes, courts, inquests, breaking news, health, and education stories.

You could, in other words, be reporting on anything that’s happening in the district of Thunder Bay, or beyond.

Our NetNewsLedger Intern journalists also shoot photos and must have multimedia skills.

The positions are open to college and university level students, or students who graduate in the year of the summer program they are applying for.

However we will also look at non-student internships as well. If you have an interest in writing, and journalism, we should talk.

Successful candidates spend time in a variety of departments including city, sports, living, business, videography and photography.

A demonstrated commitment to journalism is required, through a combination of formal journalism training and experience, or extensive experience.

We will consider candidates with non-traditional qualifications and credentials.

What we look for

Enthusiastic, talented, curious and intelligent individuals with a strong work ethic, a positive attitude and a passion for journalism, who will bring energy, ideas and new perspectives to NetNewsLedger.

Fluency in other languages and experience with different cultural and ethnic communities are assets.

A strong portfolio of published or posted works is a real asset. Photography and multimedia skills are also required.

Packages should contain the following collated material (in this order):

Cover letter, state position applying for at top of page in bold type. Include email, street address and phone number. Make sure your contact details are on the first page.



Additional material, such as evidence of multimedia skills.

Application should demonstrate:

  • A range of writing with a strong component of news stories;
  • Proven ability to write well, report thoroughly, synthesize and organize information;
  • Reporting experience outside school assignments and a demonstrated commitment to journalism;
  • Photography and multimedia experience;
  • Strong people skills;
  • Life experience that contributes to your development/ability as a journalist.

How to apply

Please read the following instructions carefully. Applications and accompanying materials will not be returned.

Once applications are in, we will be in touch only with candidates we would like to interview.

NetNewsLedger accepts applications from candidates worldwide. All candidates must have the right to work in Canada, and your paperwork should be complete when you apply. If you do not have the proper documentation, NetNewsLedger cannot assist in the process of applying for it.

Application packages for journalists must include a one-page cover letter, resume, three references (names and contact numbers — both home and cellphone numbers plus email addresses are sufficient but you may include reference letters if you wish) and a selection of three to six published or posted pieces of work, a mix of news and features.

If you are fluent in another language or have experience with diverse communities, please include that information in your resume.

Please send application packages for reporting positions to:

James Murray 
#10 516 Victoria Avenue East
Thunder Bay, Ontario
P7C 1A7

Guidelines for candidates
Please use letter-size paper for all elements of the package including photocopied or downloaded clippings and photos.

Do not use binders, folders, report covers or fancy packaging. Please be aware that applications and extra materials, such as books, CDs or magazines, will not be returned.

Please hold pages together with large paperclips.

Packages should contain complete contact information, including a full mailing address, email address, a phone number and cell phone number, if available.

Our decisions are final, and while we understand the desire for feedback, we cannot provide individual assessments of candidates.